Why we ban paid carries and recoveries



You Solicit - We Ban

As we started on our blog article, Why We Changed, we run a community that values gamers helping gamers. We run a community that is about the joy of gaming, thus we are very against solicitations or account recoveries of ANY kind.

ALL users agree to our Terms of Service when using the site which states our rules for banning. This also extends to those that USE a service.

You will be BANNED if you solicit for any type of service, such as payment for carrying someone in a game, or if you perform account recoveries free or not. You WILL BE BANNED if you say you are not charging but then do so after the user contacts you. You WILL BE BANNED if you ask someone to donate so they get at the front of the queue.

You will NOT be banned if you love helping people and carry for FREE. This is the community we want. One that is safe and fun.

Check out the examples below.

If you see someone soliciting, flag the listing by clicking the red flag :triangular_flag_on_post: Or in extreme cases, please open a Help ticket.

If you are someone who uses a service, be warned: users DO get scammed. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about it. We have no insight in to what has happened off the site. All we can do is ban a user if they have solicited on the site.

If you are scammed, contact your gaming network such as PSN, Xbox Live, etc. All we can do is ban a user if they have solicited on the site.

We appreciate all users but this is YOUR community. Be part of the solution: flag solicitors and NEVER buy their services.


  • “Doing $20 cheap carries.”
  • “Doing cheap carries”
  • “Doing carries. Donate $5 on my stream to get to front of line”
  • “Doing carries. Send message for more info.” (Charging for carries OFF the site is not allowed)
  • “Doing account recoveries for cheap”
  • “Doing account recoveries for free”


  • “Doing FREE carries. I love to help people.”
  • “Come check out my stream and I’ll carry you”



I try to report those users but it always says error :expressionless:


Hmm. We fixed that yesterday. Can you please try again?


Well from my point of view this is kind of ridiculous. Like how does Ndstalon make a living? I get it you guys dont want others to make money off YOUR website but isnt letting people advertise their stream tags make them money?


At FTW.in, we try to remove all advertisements for paid carries and account recoveries - and by that we mean people offering services like that on LFG listings or in Discussions posts. We’re getting better at it. Last weekend, during Trials Of The Nine, we permanently banned 49 users for offering paid carries/account recoveries.

Then we realized that we should do a better job of actually letting people know that we will ban anyone advertising any kind of pay to win service - so we put up a big message in red on top of the website. Immediately, we got 1,006 flags from our community last weekend, calling out offending listings and Discussions posts.

This tells us that the community does not approve of the practice of paying someone else to play the game for them i.e. cheating. This is in line with our recent survey of 500 gamers, where 20% said advertising paid carries was their №1 pain point when using an LFG site.

So why do we ban people for doing this?

Because we view paid carries and account recoveries as a cancer to any multiplayer game — ruining experiences for other players and undermining gamer communities. Account recoveries are especially damaging. Firstly, you’re giving a stranger access to your account, your data, your payment info, etc. But we’re not your mum – if you’re dumb enough to do that, so be it. The aspect we can’t accept is the Fireteams of experienced players masquerading as a far less experienced team, with a lower power rating, annihilating the other guys. When this happens enough times, the other guys just go “screw this” and give up on Trials completely. Hey presto, a ruined experience for a bunch of players.

What are we okay with?

Sherpas and free carries, anything that helps a fellow gamer out. We’re also fine with people promoting their streams - streams help people learn how to get better. They help bring communities together.

But whenever money comes into it, then we’re not okay – and that includes donations for preferential treatment.

Everything we do is about creating meaningful multiplayer experiences for gamers. Anything that detracts from that, for anyone, is at odds with our beliefs. That’s why we ban all paid carries and recoveries, period.


I will just reiterate what I have previously said before.

I think the PSA here is that if you want to pay for a flawless that’s you’re own problem and you should seek help from a trusted streamer but if anyone on this site asks you for money you should walk away no matter how cheap their offer is as they could be out to scam you.

I think this decision was for the best to protect the community.


BRAVO and well said - I dont understand why people just cant play a game. I suck at destiny but the struggle is what makes the raid a RAID and the trials a TRIAL. why would anyone buy a game just to pay someone else to play it… I cant blame the people for offering paid run throughs by people willing to pay it but why are they trying to use a site that is trying to bring people together. Someone should buy the domain gamerswhoaren’tgamers.com, so these two markets of “players” can meet up. *Of course there will be ads


Keeping the community clean


Won’t work. People do this for a living. www.twitch.tv


I’ve read this through and you have some great points but, I think I have a resolution for both sides. A section for paid services and for you guys you would make a 5-10% commision on each PAID carry/accountrecov they do. Now, I think this would be good because the people who actually want to pay for these services dont have to look through all these posts about other type of things and people who hate finding these on the lfg site they are trying to look at would not have to see these anymore. Also if you want you can ban people for posting their ads in the non paid section part of ftw.in . Thats what I think would be a good idea for your site, take what I say with a grain of salt though.
Also “The aspect we can’t accept is the Fireteams of experienced players masquerading as a far less experienced team, with a lower power rating, annihilating the other guys. When this happens enough times, the other guys just go “screw this” and give up on Trials completely. Hey presto, a ruined experience for a bunch of players.” paid account recovs and especially carries dont have anything to do with that problem if you think it is one though make it so 2.0s cant look for eachother on here. Stacked teams of 2.0s 3.0s will fuck anyone in their path. It’s a way bigger problem then just carries and account recovs and carries have either 1 or 2 bad people on the team so thats kinda going against the problem.

-the dude who doesnt like this ban


My point.


I think this is a terrible idea. FTW.in having a paid carries section, especially if they made a cut from it, would be actively promoting the very thing they’re against in the first place. Additionally, it’d be an encouraging breeding ground for scammers. More importantly, promoting paid carries on this site would dramatically increase this site’s liability for anything that went wrong as a result of that transaction – best case, someone is pissed because they paid for a flawless run but the person they paid just couldn’t make it happen or, worst case, someone has their account hacked, financial info compromised, etc. and the service that put the two parties together is an LFG profiting off those connections. This, of course, ignores a larger issue of which is the cost and effort necessary to build a system that’d ensure FTW.in was able to collect the % they set as their piece of the carry price. To guarantee they’d get their piece, money for the carry would have to flow through them which adds all sorts of financial and tax implications. As a small business owner that builds all sorts of things for the web professionally, no thanks. I wouldn’t touch that with a ten foot pole.

As @beerock already stated, if you want to pay for a carry, do so with an established, trustworthy streamer. Don’t do it with a completely anonymous stranger on an LFG site. That’s just asking for trouble.


Sorry that was supposed to be a comment on the whole article and not a reply to your post.


Can I post myself looking for paid carries? Only reason I used ftw after it changed over from destiny lfg, I already have enough terrible players to get through the raid on my friends list


No. Against our terms and you will help fuel the problem that promotes solicitation.


A few days ago I actually saw a FTWchamp posting free carries and on inspecting their stream saw that they were promoting that essentially if people wanted a better chance at being carried that they would have to donate. Would that come under the whole ‘You WILL BE BANNED if you ask someone to donate so they get at the front of the queue.’ deal. And no unfortunately I didn’t catch the name of the poster :frowning:


Yes. You will be banned for asking for donations for promise that puts you at the front of the line or some sort of reward. That’s preferential treatment. Let me be clear: we love our Twitch streamers and they should ask for donations, but NOT to get at front of the line for a carry. It’s the same as charging a fee. Everyone should be treated fairly when gaming.


Im not even done reading the whole thing and i can tell your not right first of all theres such things as terms and conditions which would fully protect the website from people if they get scammed. Second of all would everyone shut up about the TRUSTED streamer. I dont stream and I can stream yet I still make 500$ a weekend actually doing the damn carries. Lastly Im guessing your ass at trials. k bye.


Ok thats kinda fucked up. lets say 2 people signed up for the carry DO you think hes just gonna let the dude go ahead of them for free its kinda like early bird gets the worm but the rich bird gets the best worm. I dont know if you understand that last statement but it doesnt matter. Its still not a paid carry you would still get the carry for free but there are other options AKA paying to get in front. The person would NOT Have to pay for the carry but they did because they dont have much time or some other shit like that.