Why we ban paid carries and recoveries



This. You just stated why we do not allow donations that move people to the front. It creates an unfair gaming environment on many levels.


Dude… LIKE 99.99999999999999% of people complaining about these posts are probably just triggered that people make money off things they’re shit at AND because they dont get carried by these people they play with other bad players WHICH EXPLODES THE UNFAIRNESS 4 0.5 kds against some huge stacked streamers that are 4.0 kds. Also I’ll pay you or who ever owns the site to post my paid carries.


I own the site, so no.


Ill carry you for free lol


Im not even done reading the whole thing and i can tell your not right first of all theres such things as terms and conditions which would fully protect the website from people if they get scammed.

That’s not even close to how it works in the real world. Terms and conditions, at best, permit the owner of the site to outline what is acceptable use and what can get your access to the site revoked. It cannot remove liability for problematic things happening that the site is profiting from.

Second of all would everyone shut up about the TRUSTED streamer. I dont stream and I can stream yet I still make 500$ a weekend actually doing the damn carries.

I get that you have a financial interest in this topic, so you’re not likely to have a rational perspective.

As for streamers, they can make money from subs on Twitch and anyone that chooses to donate. Those subs and donations shouldn’t grant anyone preferential treatment. Yes, some make money by charging for carries, but they’re contributing to the cancer in online gaming. I also happen to think that paying to have someone else play on your account is not only incredibly risky, it’s an even worse cancer in the online gaming community.

Lastly Im guessing your ass at trials. k bye.

I’m not sure why it matters if I’m “ass at trials”. I don’t have to be good at trials to know good ideas from bad ideas, especially as they relate to the web – my field of extensive, professional expertise.


This is kinda BS i fully support your decision with banning for paid services but why ban when someone saying message me for more info? that could totally just be a system where the sherpa communicates with the carry to set a time where they could do the trials run


Literally anyone I’ve seen say “doing carries, message for more info” followed up with “I charge money for this” after messaging them, the only reason they ask to contact them for “more info” is to say they want your money, nothing else, they’re just trying to withhold that information from the site so they don’t get banned, that shouldn’t be allowed to work, and you should still report them


Out of the scope of this thread @NeonMeta why don’t you make a site where people that carry can post on like an lfg type thing and you take part commission on each carriers sale.

Done problem solved.

Lets keep this LFG site just for people that want to play with others for fun and not for financial gain.


I think it’s beyond awesome you ban users who post paid carries and will continue to support the site as much as I can. Paid carries are part of whats wrong with the Gaming community, Destiny specifically. I’m impressed and thankful someone has taken a stand. I have no problem dealing with the occasional shut down of the site via DDoS or increased loading times. Keep up the good work.



Correct. And we HAVE been banning users who do this. We laugh at some of the stuff people do, trying to get around our system and language.

p.s. We banned a TON of people today. And we’ve banned tons more past few weeks. So yes, we are banning. Keep reporting!


you forgot, ‘contact me for details’ :wink:


lol yeah ok and the golden gate bridge is for sale, for a dollar… contact for details :stuck_out_tongue:


lmao RIP


I can. You should if you think it’s wrong or dislike it for any reason. It takes both parties for this to be a problem. Of course I could use an example for anything illegal or immoral & ask if you think the seller, assailant, etc were to blame. Some think certain criminals aren’t to blame because of how the victim behaved, etc. I certainly don’t equate this with a crime, but it is frowned upon here & in a large part of the community, and if no one is selling paid carries, it doesn’t matter how many buyers there are. I just wanted to make the point that without either of these parties, this issue doesn’t exist, so they are equally to blame, IMHO. I can also see how people would want to buy it because as is all high end loot in loot driven games it’s not easy to get, & is among the best gear, but I still blame both sides equally.

I also think users saying, “come follow my stream, I’ll carry you,” (see example of PERMITTED Examples in OP) IS selling a carry, just for a different currency. It should be so that one says I’ll carry you for free, period. Then, if the person asked you to follow the stream & you say no, it doesn’t affect the carry, or the possibility that the carry happens. If it does, then they are indeed selling carries for a subscription to their channel, which nets them funds or perceived popularity eventually. There are many ways to skirt this ban/issue, so I’m pointing this out to to contribute to genuinely address this issue & not just do window dressing as some sites attempt, and this site seems to want to genuinely address it to create a community where gamers who don’t like the issue of paying others to play their game (or get them rewards they couldn’t otherwise obtain on their own merit, much less trying to wade through a stew of solicitations for this activity), can have a place to recruit each other for genuine help (ex: where it takes 6 gamers to play & you have you & a friend only, and joining or recruiting others is not a business decision or a scam) & comradery.


Good. I’m glad. Carries should be free. I don’t care about flawless but if I was an amazing player, I’d help people for free because I love gaming.


I agree that there is too many cancerous things in multiplayer gaming today and I usually keep quiet in forums but when I saw this I had to reply. I am glad get has put this into their t&cs and i hope people flag them more now, but that’s not why I am posting I would like to draw people’s attention to Xbox t&cs

“Fail to protect your account, devices and personal information (e.g. lend your credentials, post your private information publicly, fail to supervise your devices)”

“Don’t engage in fraud or unauthorised transactions. For example, don’t:
Lend, transfer, sell or otherwise provide third parties access to your accounts or Gamertags”

“Don’t use Xbox Live for commercial purposes. For example, don’t:
Create an account for a business entity”

And this is from PSN

"If you accept this Agreement, you are subject to its terms and all other agreements that you have entered into in connection with Sony Online Services. You agree that you will not directly or indirectly use Sony Online Services

in any way for any commercial purpose"

So basically saying if you do give out your info for account recoveries you are biolating Xbox terms and conditions so if anything untoward was to happen you have no legal stand point. Then we look at paid carries they are against the terms and conditions on both Xbox and PlayStation as you are using your accounts on said platforms for a commercial purpose. So with that being said if you come across any of these posts you should not only flag them on this site but flag them to Xbox or PlayStation and cut the head off the snakes


I’m just wondering… does Halo have any of these issues??


I do like what the 1 guy said about posts looking for 2.o + kds that just stacks the odds against not so well players. Bungie has stated that they are TRYING to come up with a better solution to the matchmaking problem. Well um D2 is out and the problem seems to be worse. When guys like this are running around posting on lfg sites and then there’s a person posting I just want to get a few games in. Who do you think your messaging. They aren’t trying to help they are stacking the odds in their favor. In my opinion it’s the same as solicting.