Why We Changed



##Change is hard, but if we didn’t change, we would become part of the problem…

Our very own Chief Strategist @ManBearPig details our vision, philosophy and why we changed from our LFGs to FTW.in on our FTW.in Blog.

Read more here and we’d love to hear your thoughts!

Petition to bring DestinyLFG back
Why change?
Why was this website made?
Are people actually paying to be carried to the lighthouse?

hopefully this will shut people up


@RagingGiraffe Nobody needs to shut up, they just miss what they’re used to. As soon as people get used to it they’ll be happy.



i’m talking about the people who don’t even help with the website they just say something like, “THIS NEW WEBSITE SUCKS I HATE THE ADMINS I’M GOING TO LEAVE THIS WEBSITE!” I have no problem with the people who are hating but help with advancement saying what they don’t like


Only speaking the truth @ManBearPig


With this new site will I constantly get banned like the last site you guys had or will things be more far and user friendly?


If you are asking this question, I think you know the answer. :wink:
And as defined in our Terms when you signed up and in our blog article you just read, we strictly forbid soliciting paid/donation services, favors or account recoveries.


ummm no I wasnt referring to “soliciting paid/donation services, favors or account recoveries” but if thats the only way im gonna get banned than Im fine!


It’s not the only way to get banned. I’ll point you to our Appropriate Conduct section.


why are we still talking about this?? move forward and let the weak stay behind :wink:


@L0rdCROISSANT not to be rude or anything, but the last message on this post was 13 days ago.


lmao!! wow did not see that :blush: thanks


Lol, no problem.