[XB1] LFP l Overwatch



Now i usually play quick play, but i can do competitive to. Im pretty new to the game im only lvl 32 so it would be a pleasure if you want to help me out and some other stuff.

Gamertag: iiKngRekt

I mainly play, Sombra, Mercy And Zarya.


i was SR 3100 PS4 but switched to Xbox One litterally today.



Sure why not, my mains are Dva and Mercy and am currently at around 2700 SR.

Gamertag:Wasted Views


Welcome newbie this season of Competitive is wacky for me my SR is 1458 but I’m stiil working on it but if you want to team up with me I’m 178 and I sometime play quickplay when I get frustrated when my team on competitive don’t work like they should have anyway if you want to be on clan with me just reply on my comment and I’ll add you or you can add me my GT is Ironzombieboy38


Joshua Hurtado aka


My mains are Tracer, Soldier 76, Junkrat, D.Va and Reinhardt, but I’m willing to play Flex if the situation calls for it. I play QP for fun and Competitive for glory (w/o much luck). I’m level 70 and SR 167X, and it’s always a pleasure seeing someone on mic besides me. My gamertag is MilktoastXtreme. If you’d like to contact me, pls shoot me a message on Xbox or reply to this comment.