XB1 Looking for players with mics thank you


I just recently switched from PS4 (Because my daughter broke it) to XB1,

My SR on PS4 was 3124 i am starting out new on xbox i just hit level 25 looking to do placements

I main Mcree, Zarya

I can play Lucio, Mercy, Dva, Rein, Im a monster with Zombra if someone can work Ults right with me.



Will do and welcome back my SR are bad right now but I’m still working on it I’m level 178 and if you want to team up just add me on Xbox my gt is Ironzombieboy38 as soon as I get online I will add you back so we can kick some ass lol anyway feel free to message me like I said I wiil get back on you when I get online


Joshua Hurtado AKA