(XBO) Sombra main looking for a TEAM



Ive been playing since late 2016 on Xbox One I mostly play Sombra but I can also play Zen/Orissa/Rien. I climbed solo to 3293 SR playing Sombra and Orissa while flexing with Zen I dropped down to 2998 SR playing with my friends, I love them but I want to be at the SR I belong at and want to climb to Masters.

I am available everyday after 6PM EST (after November I will be off from my work season and available anytime until the next Spring). I use my mic only when needed ie. Calling low targets/Enemy movements/Hack targets etc.

I’m most interested in replies from people that already have a solid team of players that are dedicated and regularly active. You can contact me through Xbox Live at Mediocre Sombra